Seminar in Davao

Aikido: Training and Understanding the Art of Peace and Harmony

THE AIKIDO community in Davao City was given a boost with the promotion of three Aikidokas from the Mushin Ronin Aikido Nishio-Ryu, namely Engr. Michael Miranda, a Geodetic Engineer, Ethan Cenabre a private prosecutor and Joey Sem Dalumpines, a scribe and broadcaster to second-degree-black-belt or Nidan in an examination facilitated by Anthony David Tartaglia Sensei, Godan of the Ronin Dojo Academy based in Bangkok, Thailand and Gernouli Esguerra, Sandan, Chief Instructor of the Mushin Ronin-Aikido Davao Nishio-Ryu based here on the onset of the rainy season this year.


ANTHONY David Tartaglia Sensei

The examinees were tested and gauged based on their wit, understanding and ability to execute the Aikido techniques when confronted either by single or multiple attackers.

They were also evaluated based on their know-how of using the Ken, a wooden Samurai sword and the Four foot-staff called Jo.


ANTHONY David Tartaglia Sensei (4th from left), Godan of the Ronin Dojo Academy , Bangkok, Thailand

Gernouli Esguerra, Sandan, conferred the certificates on the new Nidan in a simple rite on September 22, 2015, following their regular practice.

It was a vindication of sorts for the local practitioners, after the long search for a new teacher paid off following the passing of former teacher Koichi Shibata Sensei, with the positive response to pursue training and assessment by Anthony David Tartaglia Sensei, the current chief instructor of the Ronin Dojo Academy based in Bangkok, Thailand.


THE NEW Nidan of the Mushin Ronin Aikido Davao Nishio-Ryu

Tartaglia Sensei is a student of the Shoji Nishio Ryu Aikido System and also a respected practitioner of the Hombo Dojo, the Aikido Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. He is also a downline of Takao Arisue Sensei, the Headmaster of the Nishio Ryu Aikido System also based in Japan. Sensei Tony advocates the Nishio Ryu Aikido in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Japan, China, Indonesia and the Philippines.
Tartaglia Sensei stresses that Aikido is good for maintaining health and wellness through cardio exercise, flexibility for those who are gaining age, and in managing stress which is common in the present generation.

Koichi Shibata Sensei was a senior student of Shoji Nishio Sensei during their youthful years before he left and worked on his own Aikido System which was passed on to several Aikido practitioners in Davao City in the mid-90s until the present.

The Mushin Ronin Aikido Davao Nishio Ryu trains regularly at 7:00-9:00 pm every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at the dojo inside the Valencia Compound, corner Jacinto and Arellano Streets, Davao City adjacent to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.